Giant Ant Giant Ant
One of many so-called “Buggernaut” types, and something of a mascot for the series. These creatures move in swarms, overwhelming unfortunate troops and melting their armor with acid spit before biting in deep with their jaws. Their antennae allow them to communicate with other similar creatures across great distances – which means reinforcements are never far behind.

Solas Solas
A 40-meter-high fire-breathing monster, infamous for the devastation it wrought in the previous war. Do not let it breathe on you. Do not let it step on you. Do not insult its mother.

Bau Bau
A giant creature that looks similar to a spider. It jumps around and shoots out strong, acidic thread, which not only burns through armor, but ensnares prey.

Red Ant Red Ant
“Red means it’s stronger,” as EDF soldiers know well. These crimson giant ants have tougher hides than their more common cousins, and their jaws bite down even harder. They like to surround enemies and bite them to death.

Fighter Fighter
The Invaders’ standard aircraft, designed primarily for city combat. It flies in squadrons and fires volleys of laser beams.

Shield Bearer Shield Bearer
This craft carries no offensive weapons, but its hull is covered with an almost impenetrable anti-physics shield. It appears alongside other enemies and protects them from attack.

Daroga Daroga
A killer machine with a variety of weapons, such as a laser cannon for mid-range targets, a beam Vulcan cannon for close range combat, and homing missiles for long-range bombardments. Even one of these can be a formidable challenge, but a group of them can be a nightmare.

Deroy Deroy
One of the Invaders’ newest weapons. Its giant legs can lift it over any type of terrain. It bombards distant enemies with its plasma cannon, shoots at mid-range enemies with lasers, and stomps anyone who gets close.

Roller Robot Gilio Roller Robot Gilio
One of the Invaders’ ground weapons. It transforms into a ball shape to roll at high speeds and crush enemies. Its movements are unpredictable, and it always explodes when destroyed, so approach it with caution.

Dragon Centipede: Lord of the Earth Dragon Centipede: Lord of the Earth
A super-giant centipede consisting of dozens of slightly-less-giant creatures. It sends down a torrential rain of acid. If you use explosives against it, its individual segments will detach, but each segment will go on fighting until all its pieces are killed.