Dateline: 2017.

Bugs, Bugs, EverywhereThe alien invasion struck without warning. Enormous insectoid creatures known as “Buggernauts,” and their alien masters known simply as “Invaders,” arrived from outer space and wrought havoc upon the world. They had no interest in communicating with us – they sought only to wipe us off the face of the planet. The end of mankind was at hand...

Dateline: 2018.

Against all odds, we fought back against the invasion fleet, and after one final, fierce clash, we drove the aliens away and began the painful process of rebuilding. Now that we knew we weren’t alone in the universe, however, the nations of the world came together, began laying the foundations of a world government, and agreed to establish a multinational military power known as the “Earth Defense Force.” Dedicated to defending Earth against any further incursions from beyond the stars, members of the EDF are trained to battle any conceivable threat by any means necessary.

The EDF’s new ace in the hole is a special ops division known as the “Pale Wings.” Equipped with versatile jetpacks and energy weapons based on reverse-engineered alien technology, they’re ready any time of the day or night to crush the enemy from above.

And at the rear of EDF’s ranks, elite “Air Raiders” stand at the ready too, applying their tactical knowledge, high-tech gadgetry and precision bombardments to keep any potential threats right where we want ‘em: dead.

Dateline: 2019.

After scarcely more than one brief year to get all our ducks in a row, the aliens have returned for an encore. But this time, the EDF is ready and waiting. Wait till they see what we’ve got in store for ‘em now...