Battle Tactics



Multiplayer Via Wi-Fi or ad hoc connection, you can play either Co-Op or Rumble (versus) mode with up to three other players. Air Raiders are particularly useful in Co-Op, as their equipment includes gear that can heal allies, create zones of protection, or supply energy to Pale Wings. With a broad range of tactical options, players can enjoy Co-Op mode more than ever before.

Players can communicate during Multiplayer via a wide variety of preset chat messages. Use them to plan attacks, choose targets, order your friends around, refuse those orders, rebuke your friends for refusing those orders, and more.

Air Raiders need Credits to request repeated bombardments. Remember that in Multiplayer, all players’ kills count toward those Credits, not just the Air Raider’s own kills.

Don’t bother fighting or competing over weapons in Multiplayer. Assuming at least one player survives the battle, the game will automatically distribute the weapons equally at the end.

In Multiplayer, use the Rescue button to revive fallen players. Be aware, though, that it’ll cost you half your armor (which functions as HP in this game) and that if your armor is below 25%, you won’t be able to Rescue anyone until you heal yourself first.