Infantry The grunt soldier, or Infantry, is the generic term for the EDF ground force and its individual soldiers. They form the backbone of the EDF Peacekeepers, and there are about 300,000 of them all over the world.

Infantrymen are skilled with weapons that cause kinetic damage, such as rifles and rocket launchers, and are combat experts skilled in many other types of man-portable weapons as well.

Pale Wing The Pale Wings are an elite force who use special weapons and jetpacks. Because their gear needs to be lightweight, their armor is not as strong as the Infantry's.

Pale Wings use special weapons made with the Invaders' technology, but those weapons often consume the same energy they use to fly, so a skilled soldier must pay close attention to their energy reserves at all times.

Air Raider Air Raiders are not keen on close-quarters combat, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their place in bug extermination. They can survey the battle from afar and call for intense aerial bombardments, which can annihilate enemy forces over a wide area and often turn the tide of battle. Air Raiders are also excellent drivers and pilots, able to handle both tanks and gunships with ease.

(Note: To call for additional airstrikes, Air Raiders need to earn “credits,” which they accumulate every time their team defeats an enemy.)